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Get to know Kojo Coding implemented by REACHA pan India

  • Kojo has been downloaded more than 175K+ times around the world

  • Kojo is part of SCERT curriculum by Goa Govt as part of NEP2020 rollout

  • More than 8000 students are getting trained in Coding in Kojo in Goa

  • Kojo Kalpana Project has impacted more than 900 students pan India

  • Students in Aspirational Districts are learning coding through Kojo

  • In Baramulla, through CSR more than 120 students have been trained

  • Kojo AI for Value-added course "AI Using Python" 

  • REACHA has partnered with National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) Jammu & Kashmir to certify meritorious students

Glimpse of how Kojo interface looks like, and how learning happens, left side is where code is written and right side is the output!


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