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IBM SkillsBuild Programme Market Expert Session

REACHA organised an industry webinar as part of the IBM SkillsBuild Program, "Navigating the Future with Generative AI" by Mr. Maniesh Kulshrestha who shared his wisdom with the students registered on the IBM Skillsbuild portal.

The session covered the following -

- Beginnings of AI from the 1950s to the ChatGPT revolution.

- Everyday AI? It's not just a buzz, it's our reality. We're only 70 years deep into the AI revolution!

- We learned about Alan Turing and John McCarthy who were thought leaders for AI

- Mr. Maniesh Kulshrestha, dropped tips for humans to navigate Generative AI as we're at the early stages of an AI era and exciting times lie ahead.

- He believes that we should befriend AI while being aware of its limitations; delegate the dull work to it but keep learning from it while having a global outlook

- Keep in mind our safety while using it as that, definitely, comes first.

Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kulshrestha for the interesting and engaging session, and also to the 100 participants who joined us from Chennai (Surabi INM Chennai) and Nagaland (Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland) and asked relevant questions during the Q&A session!


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