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Introducing REACHA's Coding Platform - Kojo

Introducing REACHA's Coding Platform - Kojo

  • Kojo has been downloaded more than 175K+ times around the world.

  • Kojo has been included as part of SCERT curriculum by Government of Goa as part of NEP2020 rollout. More than 8000 students are getting trained in Coding in Kojo

  • REACHA technical team regularly conducts capacity building sessions of Goa Government teachers to better roll out the program

  • REACHA’s Kojo Kalpana Project in partnership with SmartGaon has impacted more than 900 students across pan India with 12+ schools enrolled across 5+ states and more than 70 teachers have been trained in Kojo.

  • In the Baramulla area in Kashmir, REACHA has deployed Kojo at Chinar through a CSR initiative, where 100+ students have gone through three months training of Level 1 in coding in Kojo.

  • REACHA has partnered with NIELIT Jammu & Kashmir to certify meritorious students who evolve as potential coding teachers

  • Kojo has been successfully used as a platform to deploy Artificial Intelligence courses

  • Learning material - Level 1/2/3 for classes 6-8 is in place and has been prepared by Kojo Creator himself. Mr. Lalit, REACHA team is aluminous of IIT B.Tech. IIT Kanpur, M.Tech. IIT Delhi

More to come....


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