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Kojo Kalpana Project - Project Partnership between SmartGaon and REACHA

21st Century Skills Development through Kojo Coding in Rural India Schools aligned with National Education Policy (NEP) 20209 Schools have been selected with the help of Smartgaon Mart Pvt Ltd / REACHA's network. Out of these 9 schools, 4 schools are in Uttarakhand, 2 in Uttar Pradesh, 2 in Madhya Pradesh, and 1 in Bihar. Teachers in these schools were trained and certified by SmartGaon/REACHA Kojo instructors at the beginning of the project. These teachers conduct weekly sessions in their respective schools, with support from Kojo Instructors. Fortnightly online sessions are conducted by the Kojo Instructors to guide the students and review their progress. Mr. Lalit Pant, who is the creator of Kojo, is a mentor for the program. The Kojo Instructors have been trained by him, and he participates in many of the sessions - to provide richer learning to teachers and students.Coding in Kojo can help children learn a lot of fundamental and core skills

  • Life skills are improved through printable arts, processes and events around it.

  • Focus on regular formative assessment for learning can be checked by self-assessment

  • Collaboration and teamwork activities gets improved through pair programming, projects and events

  • Critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving gets improved by building generative art and games.

  • Multidisciplinary, holistic, innovation skills are improved by trying out new things with coding, math, physics, art, mandalas, culture and spirituality.

  • Coding, Math, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computational thinking can be improved through building generative art/games.

  • Enquiry-driven, discovery-oriented skills are improved through generative art.

  • Sense of aesthetics and art gets inculcated via regular practice and publishing.

  • A rootedness and pride in India can be nurtured through creation of mandalas, which is a way to explore Indian culture.

Kojo provides

  • A strong yet beginner-friendly programming language – Scala (which has great support for all the essential ideas in computing and coding – via structured, object-oriented, functional, and concurrent programming).

  • A powerful and easy-to-use App (with modern features like syntax highlighting, code completion, IPM, Tracing, History, etc.)

  • Rich areas for programming and creation (with real-world connects) – Turtle Graphics, Picture Graphics, Gaming, AI, and Robotics. Well-designed learning modules are available to support the above.


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