Practicing Awareness through Mindfulness

In recent times since the onset of Covid pandemic, a lot of attention is being given to human health, and how and what all can be done in order to improve it. This pandemic has been an eye-opening event for all. It has been a very difficult time for a lot of us who are coping with it in different ways. Loss of loved ones, deterioration of health, induced health conditions etc. have been some of the immediate effects of the Covid virus. It has come to attention based on studies and cases, that the virus acted on people with pre-existing medical conditions in a more severe manner – inducing life threatening danger.

The above has personally forced me to go a bit deeper, and understand and evaluate as to why were there so many people with pre-existing conditions in the first place. In today’s, tech enabled fast paced world with a hybrid working culture, it has increasingly become difficult to take a moment to step back and be actually aware of what we are doing. Routines have become so mechanical that a lot of times without realizing we end up taking our health/well-being for granted.

It therefore becomes crucial for all of us to be aware and mindful of what we are doing with our bodies. A human body should be treated like a temple. Extra awareness through mindfulness should be practiced before putting anything in the body. The easiest way that I think of this is that this complex body of ours always protect us from viruses, bacteria etc. naturally without any conditions. The body itself is created in a way that it has all that is needed to lead a healthy life. It is us due to our desires that we end up taking this gift for granted, and without being mindful start disrespecting it.

The mass availability of processed and sugary foods that please our taste buds, in fact are a big cause to the onset of a lot of pre-existing conditions that we start having, which as we saw during covid eventually led to demise of a lot of people. If awareness through mindfulness is practiced on a daily basis, a lot of the self-inflicted health problems can be avoided.

Changing our mindset and the way we approach our daily lives can be a game changer for a lot of us in improving our health. Understanding how the body works naturally is important. It is then one can understand that there is a whole universe, chain of complex organs within our body that work continuously since we are born. The least that we can do to give back to the body is be aware and try to make things easier for it by having the right diet. Occasionally, as and when we enjoy a “cheat meal” it again becomes important that as we enjoy it, we continue to remain mindful of what it will do once it enters the body. Just this broad shift in thinking would enable us to question everything once, and help us in making a better and more informed decision.

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