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REACHA Dialogues #14: Infectious Disease Expert Ram S Upadhayaya talks about his studies on COVID 19

Professor Ram Upadhayaya - currently based in Sweden is , Health Advisor to Southern African country of Lesotho; Medicinal Scientist infectious Disease and oncology - visiting professor Kwangwoon University, South Korea; Co founder and CEO Nth life Sciences Singapore; Head Medicinal Scientist ZedCe, Medicals AB Sweden; Medicinal Scientist at Harvard Medical School MA; Principal Health and Education Advisor - Uttar Pradesh Development Forum; and Principal Advisor (Healthcare) of SmartGaon Development Foundation shares findings from his extensive research on COVID 19.

In this informative dialogue, we touched upon the following:

  • What covid virus is and how does it affect human body?

  • What happens in our body when we get vaccinated and how does that help us from further exposure to covid?

  • Role of vaccination in people who are healthy and then in people who have pre existing conditions? Is there any difference? Is a healthy body okay without being vaccinated?

  • What are T cells and why they are important? Can periodic vaccination exhaust these cells?

Lifestyle Practices for Strengthening Host Defense:

Importance of the following:

  • Nutrition

  • Stress Reduction/ management

  • Sleep

  • Exercise

  • Social factors/ Connection

Finally we touched upon the current vaccination efforts, and its impact in India..


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