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REACHA has partnered with DIAGEO, India’s leading beverage company

REACHA has partnered with DIAGEO, India’s leading beverage company, to develop a series of projects under DIAGEO’s 'Learning for Life' programme in Goa. This programme combines efforts to support the hospitality and tourism industry by creating employment opportunities for women and youth joining the workforce, through a skilling-cum-livelihood programme for youth.

In six months, the programme will train 340 youth for suitable employment / self-employment roles related to the hospitality industry. The programme is a placement-linked programme, with a strong component on soft skills and life skills training.

Supported by the Government of Goa, the 'Learning for Life' programme will bring in CSR investment in Goa to support the tourism and hospitality industry, create an industry ready workforce and reiterate the state of Goa as a ‘responsible’, thriving and inclusive tourism / hospitality hub.

(The project has started from 20th Jan 2021 and the launch of courses will be from 5th April 2021)


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