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Health Advocacy through REACHA's Coding Platform Kojo

According to the 4th edition of Apollo Hospital’s Health of Nation released on world’s Health Day – 7 April 2024:

  • India is dubbed as Cancer Capital of the world in the report.

  • One in three Indian is pre-diabetic.

  • Two in three are pre-hypertensive.

  • One in ten suffers from Depression.

  • Non-Communicable Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, mental health disorders have reached critical levels

Teaching students about nutrition and overall well-being from a young age helps them to understand the significance of making healthy choices. Waiting until later in life could mean facing health issues that might have been prevented. 

REACHA is aiming to do the same, while also teach students coding through Kojo in alignment with NEP 2020. Health concepts that the students learn are applied through coding on Kojo. A poster made by Amol Naik of Grade 7, Murgaon High School, Goa in Kojo - 


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