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10 pointers that can make a positive impact on your health!

I have been actively researching about things that I can incorporate in my daily lifestyle that can not only have a positive impact on health theoretically but also make me feel good and alive every morning as I wake up. There is work of two individuals - Paul Chek and Chervin Jafarieh that I have been following. They seem to be all in with their time and effort in helping people lead a better and a happier life.

Some of the key points that I have come across from the research and from my personal experiences that I would like you to try as well are:

  1. One day we are breathing rising with the Sun with a smile on our faces, but the next day we could be gone. It is important to not take one second for granted, be kind, love hard, respect everyone and live mindfully in the present. Keep in mind the power of discernment every second

  2. A quote by Chervin - Wake the Fake up!

  3. Attachment to destructive people and poor habits, which provide you zero control, is why you are spiritually dying and living the life out of balance.

  4. Your body is a temple...think very hard before you put anything inside it. What you eat is what you become

  5. Our thinking and perspective is based on our unique individual experiences. It is important to have an open mind and to be able to listen to people without any judgements..this is the only one healthy way to grow while also being civil

  6. Surround yourself with people who would not change if your situation was ten times better or ten times worse

  7. Importance of rising with the sun - getting full exposure for 20-30 minutes on the rise.

  8. When someone tries to insult you - take a deep breath and switch off the false ego. if one is easily offended, one is easily manipulated.

  9. Master your breath, practice what you preach, sleep when you are sleepy, learn something new everyday, do not judge others, do not suppress your feelings...

  10. 1% control the world, 4% are puppets, 90% have no clue what is going on, 5% know what is going down and are trying to wake the rest 90%

To be continued.......


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