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Happy to share that REACHA has received its FCRA renewal for 5 years from 1.4.2024 till 31.3.2029.

REACHA received the renewal letter on 26.3.2024. Approval for Renewal as attached in screenshot was given by Ministry of Home Affairs on 18.3.2024. 

We had first received FCRA approval in 1995 after inception in 1992. Since then REACHA has always been eligible under FCRA. This is genuine validation of our efforts both at meeting statutory compliances and generating deep impact on ground, in accordance with our Aims & Objectives, in a consistent manner year on year. 

We would like to thank our Board Member’s, team REACHA and all our CSR partners, donors and Indian Army for having faith in our ability to deliver for nation building. 

REACHA maintains highest levels of disclosures and transparency in its work. Our website presents our latest Annual Reports (upto FY 2022-23) and FCRA Returns (Upto FY 2022-23) in an effort to be accountable to one and all. Our Audited Financials are part of this disclosure and are included in the uploaded Annual Reports. 

As REACHA goes deeper and scales wider it remains our endeavour to always be very focused on the end goal - transformation at grassroots ! 

Jai Hind 🇮🇳


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