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Some Points To Ponder

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

REACHA Dialogues: Some points to ponder #1 Starting this dialogue/forum, as often times we find ourselves in situations where we do not have answers to a given situation in our lives, and we tend to be in a lot of confusion on deciding what the next steps could be! Over the past many years, continuous reflection of these situations - oftentimes have led me to question what our existence means, and how each one of us can lead a happier life and at the same time contribute and make society a better place to live in our personal/professional capacity. I would love for people to share their comments and experiences on this forum. I firmly believe that collective sharing and exchange of ideas can help us in understanding what it takes to attain a state of calmness/satisfaction in our daily lives with what we have.

Following is the first topic to start the forum with Often we find ourselves in situations where we have no control of a given situation, and sometimes these situations bother us and scare us too. How can in situations like these one can avoid thinking about wrong and sad scenarios, and also try to be fearless? How can one learn how to let go of things that are not in our control (Eg - someone's health, injury etc. My grandfather and I have had a lot of discussions on such deep topics, and some of the things that he mentioned in response to the above question include the following:

Concerns about what may happen are due to our imagined fears, so if we become anxious about those fears we ourselves punish ourselves. निश्चिन्त रहो, निर्भीक बनो, मैं तुम्हारे साथ हूँ - is the simplest assurance that Gurudev is giving us. Then, Swami Vivekananda tells us - "If anything makes you weak, physically, intellectually & spiritually, reject as poison. Truth is strengthening, Truth is purity, Truth is all knowledge". So, whenever we are overcome by such fears - we can repeat these quotations to ourselves a few times & take a few deep breaths & can also listen to some good music. Remember that whatever happens, happens for our good only.

Look forward to hearing your comments on the above! Thank you.


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